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In today’s high security and privacy health care world, this app still use the dinosaur password login without the option for fingerprint login. I forgot my password and it doesn’t have a recovery feature. Now I have to wait two days and spend an hour on the phone with my health care provider to reset my password to not be locked out. It’s a shame that a big corporation like Ohio Health uses such an inferior product.

Apple Health app

I would like to see my results in my Apple health app, so I can see all in one... is there a way or maybe an update? Thank you.

Pointless when the information doesn’t transfer

I thought, what a great idea being able to fill out the pre-visit paperwork prior to showing up for my wellness visit. Take the time to complete everything and even get confirmation from the app that the information is completed. Show up for my visit, and they don’t have my forms completed. Now I get to complete them again. Where did the forms go? If this has been implemented by the doctors office, they should have all enabled sections working.

Functionality is there in spirit

I hate that it constantly notifies me about a billing statement from 5 months ago that's been paid, in addition to a couple more from a year ago and beyond. And I can't clear the little red bubble that shows me there might be an unpaid balance, which there's not. I also don't like how some doctors aren't available for appointments to be scheduled on the app, but I believe that's a decision of the doctors and not MyChart specifically, so the 3 star rating is for the unending, unclearable notifications that I shouldn't still be receiving.

Landscape on iPad Bug Report

The landscape view on iPad has bugs. Stop wasting time responding and spend time to fix the problems instead. My iPad Pro is locked in landscape view due to a case and strong preference towards landscape view on iPad. The native apple keyboard also requires landscape mode. Unfortunately your app tries to use portrait view on the first login. After login if I exit the app and then go back in it finally switches to landscape view. You also are missing core functionality like “sent” messages in the messaging app. Please fix this bug and I will give a better review. Also, missing dark mode support. #FAIL #iPadLandscapeMode #DarkMode #Messaging = Half baked

One request..

This app is fantastic for keeping track of your medical into and looking at result. One of my favorite features is how easy is it to pay a bill, I only wish it would let you save a credit or debit card so you don’t have to enter it every time. If this was fixed, I’d give it 5 stars for sure!

This app is a waste of time!

You get your test results for an imaging scan and all that shows is that you had a test not what the results are. Asked if you want to schedule an appointment but no matter what kind of appointment you try to schedule it tells you it’s not available and you have to call. This app offers nothing but frustration.

No connection?!

The app will not work. Says that I do not have a connection when I clearly do have a connection (and other apps are working fine).

Very Helpful

This app has been great for me! Rescheduling an office visit, piece of cake! Requesting a refill prescription for one of my meds, piece of cake! Reviewing results from Blood-work, etc, piece of cake! Even paying a bill is very simple! So many more great things about using this app, (too many to list). Very happy that my Dr office uses this system!!!!

It’s fine

I have this App for two different hospitals - each has customized it. It does what I need it to.

Lots of Messages Problems

I have sent a couple of different important medical messages this month and they have not responded back yet. Also I have not gotten most replies since it only allows two messages to show on each one. The messages need to show more than just two written messages in each message and right when that message is sent it should show it on the message above the last one so that it will be known that it was sent. Since it only allows two messages and not more than that there’s no way to tell if the third message was sent and if the fourth message came back and maybe more. That problem has been happening for a very long time it will only show two messages on the iOS app. No way to see sent messages

Not user friendly/important components MIA

Both health systems where I have medical records have switched over to this app/company for medical records and health info access. As someone trying to manage chronic illness, I’m incredibly disappointed in this app. First, and most importantly, there is not a way to flag abnormal test results. The previous company who stored this information did allow for that, and if you are managing a chronic health condition, I cannot overemphasize that the ability to monitor when results came back abnormally is so important. Right now, I’ve got to build an Excel sheet from each result - literally thousands of clicks - to try to get a handle on my numbers that are off. It’s such a massive flaw. When you click over to “test results,” there should be an automatic flag in place if the results are high or low, period. So disappointed in this.

Unable to Login

Website works fine. No customer support. Useless

I love it

Very helpful, thank you ... شكرًا


The developers got there money, they don’t HAVE TO USE IT, or it would not be broken!!! Today went to new office ( same PA evil she just changed location & network) the front desk girl was very friendly told me all about this “ wonderful benefit of EVOLIcontacting our doctor “ I said don’t tell me EPIC hospitals end is crap too, oh no it’s great. I asked her if she uses it, “ no I’m not on it yet but I’m going to download it and use it” told her not to bother I’ve tried it a time back, when BLGH was pushing it to get there patients connection to tests, doctors, hospital staff, bla, bla, didn’t work for 💩 then, developers blew it then, and have not fixed it yet. Try it you’ll delete it DEVELOPERS GET A CLUE YOU BLEW IT WHEN IT WAS ON THE DESKTOP HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE APP TO DO ANY BETTER THE U.I. Is 💩C R A P 💩 DEVELOPERS TRY IT pretend your life depended on it MINE DOES!!!!!!!!

Why promote a half-assed app?

So many people are sold on the “ease” of use of mobile apps but you have people who are sick and don’t have time to jump through hoops just to log into their accounts. - Why hasn’t forgotten password resets been implemented for the app yet? It’s 2018, it’s not that hard Epic - Since we can’t reset forgotten/expired passwords through the app, why don’t you provide a link to the web site? 95% of patients have no idea how to get to the web site? It should be an option for vendors to provide their patients with the web site address! - If they manage to get to the web site somehow, they’re told to download the app....makes sense........ Stop overselling the app if you won’t take the time to make it user friendly

Totally worthless.

I've been involved with this facility for some time but have never used the portal. This might be why. Medication list is years outdated, but no means of updating exists. Can't add or delete providers. Can't delete virtually ancient messages. No test results present. What's the point?

Need control over doctors listed

Developers please tell me how to remove a doctor association! There is a doctor that shows that I’ve never accessed online and that doctor and I severed ties. I don’t want to see his name on my chart. As he is Not my doctor. I called and they have no idea what to do.

Wrong hospital name

Why does a hospital that I don’t even use come up instead of the one I actually use?

Like it, but has a lot of untapped potential

I use this app several times a week. Likes: - all my healthcare for the past 7- 8 years has been in two healthcare systems, and both systems use this app! I am lucky. It is fairly intuitive to use after a short time. - it is easier than email to communicate with the doctor, get notification of test results, and to review results. Dislikes: - the test results for each health systems don’t talk to one another. I have to log out of one and into the other to see blood work. I have personal blood test reports back to 1992 in an EXCEL spreadsheet. It is disappointing that I can’t log this into MyChart. Same with blood pressure, weight, even O2 readings, etc. The example screens show personal record keeping, for weight, BP readings, weight, etc. Neither healthcare systems I use have a page to add data. Suggestion interface MyHealth Apple Healthkit so steps, exercise, and nutrition data can be shared. We are all responsible for our own health but I think making a way to share data with doctors would help them with diagnosis and treatments. Looking forward to revisions!


I’m not exactly sure if I’m being charged for this or not but I do have to say that it I stay in can’t twitch my primary dr and so for depending upon the charge I believe it works great thanks just saying

Convenient for Medical history and more

I really enjoy this app. Upfront, my only gripe is that I can’t call from the app. I was late and needed to call to see if they could still see me. I ended up having to find the office in maps and call through there. Even though they have the office info in the app. Just need to make the phone number hyperlinked to the phone dialed. Otherwise, this app is great! Keeps my meds and recent test history right at my fingertips. Needed to log some levels at work for insurance rebates and because I had record of them on the app, I didn’t have to got through their BS and just entered my numbers. I can use this to communicate directly with my doctor and the staff in the office too. Makes it super easy to communicate basic questions and prevents unnecessary trips. I recommend my doctor and they app to others at the same time!

Unable to access

Every time I try to log into my chart app, it states the server is down. I recently had surgery and this is the easiest way to communicate with my surgeon. Can we get this fixed???

Download this now!

I never do reviews. But this app is key to my medical success. I have two doctors offices in completely different systems and they communicate beautifully using MyChart. I had labs done at my work clinic and my pco has access to them the second they came in. It cut out the middle man so well! Thank you to whoever created it!

Great app

This app works great and I am able to contact my doctors. It also contains a wealth of information. However, I noticed that you can see the messages you received from the doctors and nurses but, you can’t view the messages you sent. That was the reason for the four stars, instead of five.

Good idea but needs work

Test results don’t show. Can’t add another hospital or location. Not really a one stop easy use app.

Just Okay

I know there is a need to keep medical apps simple but this is too simple. There is no way to know what emails you have sent, for example. So if you are forgetful, you may be inundating your health care provider with duplicate messages. There are old reminders from the nineties still alerting you for check ups with no way to remove them. There is also no way to remove alerts that you’ve already read. The best I can say is that everything seems to work.

Please add more features to app

The app is good, but should have option to print lab results or notes from doctor. Also needs option to view lab test over time in a graph chart. I remember this feature years ago on MyChart app.

Can’t use it for more than one hospital system!

I have two different hospital systems that I operate with and I am on able to use this app for both of them.

Real Problem

Will not “send” msgs to Dr. but does not tell you why or how. Went to dr today & found out she never received last msg- and now will not let me send her a msg.

Keeps crashing

After last update my app keeps crashing. I get login screen and then it exits and goes back to home screen

Not for iPad

Always in portrait view - do you realize how silly that is on 12.9” iPad Pro with a keyboard?

Compare to online chart

No history. Should have charts and graphs!! I’ve tried 4 nicknames and all are taken.

Many Shortcomings

MyChart/MyScripps is half baked. It provides text test results but no images of X-rays and MRI. I still have to call Scripps who are still using CDs and they charge $25 for the inconvenience! So backwards. Also, there is a red exclamation by the billing icon but when I tap there are no new updates and my balance is paid in full.


I don’t know if it’s only me but I am unable to get in using the app i’ve even called the service number and had them reset my password it works on all other devices. also the woman on the phone told me they never ask for social security while the app asked for mine.

From good to bad

This App started out working really well for about 3 months. I haven’t been able to log in for about a month now. It keeps saying there’s a problem connecting with the server. There’s several messages and test results that I can’t even access. Smh


Only complication I have found which may not be caused by the application but instead by my internet and cellular service and or settings or who knows... is that the application seems to log out possibly at inopportune moments or does not remain signed in when login information is saved(I may have logged out too, if so sorry for then rant... just love love love a website or application that stays logged in when desired, is easy to access quickly and efficiently. Already “uber”-functional; a great resource for precise medical info sharing direct from the medical faculty (or?) to the patient/client, avoiding reporting errors and loads of unnecessary paperwork. Thank you MyChart/Ochin/Harborview Medical Center Seattle -Carl

Need to be able to view sent messages

There is no way for me to see what I’ve sent in the messaging app. I can view what was communicated to me but am unable to review when and what was sent when responding to a message. So far the rest of the app is pretty great.

Like it when it works for me

I use to use this app all the time but now for some reason I can't get logged in. I can log in using my desktop just fine but the app just keeps telling me there's a problem with my user name or password. Super frustrating.

can’t login

I can’t login.

Such a struggle

There’s always an issue when I try to log in. It can’t reach the server or when I finally do sign in it can’t get any of my information. Can’t read messages or view results. It has to be an easier way.

Great App!

Works great with iOS 11 and iPhone X. Thanks for all you do to help patients manage their health and collaborate with their healthcare team. Would love to see ‘Tests Ordered’ tab on mobile version. Would be great to also see Office Visit follow up notes in Health Summary or else where more apparent. Currently, workflow is Appointments > Past Appointments> Office Visit notes. Which isn’t always obvious. Thanks again!

Was good, now 100% not working.

When I first downloaded it, at the request of my doctor, it worked great. However, for the past 2 weeks, it will not recognize my email or password. I have reset my password 3 times, uninstalled the app, to no avail. I need this app to work, but it simply doesn’t, for me.

Appointment options

Ia there a way to add the ability to make appts in the app? There are health reminders and no way to schedule appointments to take care of said reminders. Why remind me if I can’t make appointments to take care of them?

Useful app but...

I get scheduled a new appointment and it won’t let me add it to my calendar. I can’t tap on it at all to open it. Please fix this bug. Other than that, I like it.

Really poor overall

EPIC can’t get the basics right. First there’s no help site or FAQ page. At least I have been unable to locate any. Next you can’t do something as fundamentally important as read messages you’ve sent to your provider. You can send messages and look up received messages but you can’t see messages you’ve sent. That’s pretty lame. A good mobile app should always provide the same functionality as the web version.


The app used to work great and now after I sign in, it just pitches me completely off the app! Please fix it!

Used to be better

App often won’t recognize passsord, and Face ID seems to come and go. Biggest issue: finding sent messages. I seem to recall being able to see a “sent” box. Now I cannot find it. An e-paper trail is dry helpful when trying to know what you asked and whether or not it was answered.

Needs more

App is missing features that are in the desk top version- like being able to see the messages I’ve sent to my doctors or charts of my test results

Completely useless

No matter how many times I input my Integris & Me credentials — which I confirmed were correct by using them to log in via a browser —the app insisted they wrong. I finally just killed it off. What a waste of time and data.

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