MyChart App Anmeldelser

Needs to allow multiple patient access

There is not an easy way to switch between parent accounts (eg, multiple family members). Currently cannot find a way to do this and have to use web browser or uninstall and reinstall to enter different patient info

Adding family member

Does app allow you to have another family member on the same MyChart? I’m having a really hard time trying to add my mother. We go to the same Dr.

One Issue

I really like being able to communicate with my doctors over MyChart. My one big issue is it doesn’t show me the messages I’ve sent. It seems like a sneaky way to got give a patient proof they contacted you. So now they have no written proof that you’ve taken 2 months to put a pre-authorization through.

No Point

This app lacks features available on the web site, such as future lab/testing orders, for one, rendering it worthless.

App does not include forwarding referrals!!!

App is great, but missing a VERY important feature - the ability for your physician to forward to a referral so you can visit a specialist! Surprised this feature is not available!

Keeps requiring my password

This app keep requiring my password even though I checked ‘remember’. If that is a feature what is the point of remember? If additional authentication is necessary why can’t the Face ID or finger print suffice

Constant problems using app

It’s terrible. New update, new problems. Now Touch ID is not working and even pin login is not working. When I did get logged in, it failed to send my msg. I got solid WiFi at the house and it’s never had these problems before. As others say, it is not s user friendly app. It’s a pain to navigate, things that should look like buttons, just look like notes, like the request an appointment section. And then the request an office visit doesn’t show my list of providers any longer - it just goes to my pcp office - well I really would prefer it allowed me to choose my cardiologist - never had a problem in the past and I’ve complained about this for a long time but still nothing. Now it won’t even login! This app has the worst testing I’ve ever seen. It could be great but it’s constantly being ruined.

My iPad app doesn’t work in landscape view.

A few app generations ago My Chart rotated to landscape on my iPad. But recently, including this latest version it does not. Since I use my iPad mostly in landscape, that means the app is fairly useless for me. Why the change?

I Love it Except....

1.) The e-check in process is excruciating, only for me to have to do the exact same process at the dr’s office. It doesn’t save me any time or aggravation so for as frequently as I go to the Dr, I just stopped doing the e-check in. 2.) I see providers in two different local health care systems. They both use MyChart but it seems that I can only use the app for one or the other. I would love the simplicity of not having to use desktop features from my phone for both but that does not seem to be an option. Other than that, I love having all of my test results at my fingertips, before my next appointment even. That allows me to prepare for educated conversations with my physicians prior to seeing them. Also, I can look back and see my progress.

How Do You Add Another Provider?

App is okay. Clunky to navigate. Lots of taps to get through menus. I have a few doctors that use this app but can’t figure out how to add another doctor if they are affiliated with another practice outside the current one on the app.

Always end up using full website

It’s ok but I always end up using full website for Cleveland Clinic because they never tell you in what area you have to go see your doctor in this app so ain’t no point in having in if I Always have to go back to full website to see what area to go see my Doctor 👨‍⚕️


While the long awaited integration of HealthKit is a welcome addition, the app's obtuse interface makes finding it impossible. I can't tell if supposed features of the app are missing, disabled or what (or unsupported by my provider?). The UI needs an overhaul. Also, a criminally missing feature is notifications. The app doesn't support notifying me of anything at all, even an innocuous "You have two unread messages in your inbox." or just a simple badge. There is no support for Apple Pay for making my copay and paying other bills.

This App Is Completely Accessible to the Visually Impaired

Hello, I am delighted to report that this app is completely accessible to the visually impaired via VoiceOver, Apple’s software screen reading solution for the blind and low vision. Mark

Useful, but needs usability improvements

It’s very helpful to have an app version of MyChart. I have two issues. One is that the fingerprint sign-on locks the account to password after only three attempts. I have difficult fingerprints, and the iPhone gives me many more attempts to login with my fingerprint. Please change this so it is the same number of retries as getting into the iPhone itself. The other issue is much more minor, but that no matter what I do to clear all unread messages, it always looks I like I have unread message on my accounts. Overall, nice job.

Output PDF

Would really love to have the ability to output my Lab Results, etc… as a PDF for my records. Great App guys.

Changes are very frustrating

This app is useful but the changes were a step in the wrong direction. You can no longer view after visit summaries. And when you log in to do something, the whole view is obscured by these alerts, many of which are out of date or inaccurate but that you have no way to change. It should just show with an icon that you have alerts.


I bring the App up , you are presented with a log in screen , asking for a user name and password, great if you have an account but for first time user there is no way to create a username and password so no way to get pass the log in screen. This app is crap 💩

Worst company ever.

If I didn't love my doctor, I would switch doctors just because of how horrible this app AND website is. After being on the phone for 30 minutes with tech support, they basically said there is nothing they can do on their end and I will just need to rely on the phone or physical mail in order to communicate with my doctor. Embarrassing lack of excellence in tech and customer support.

Broken login with Face ID

First-the app has been broken since the introduction of the iphoneX and Face ID. It gets caught in a loop trying to log in-very frustrating. Second, it’s a bit clunky in design and function-but gets the job done. Not crazy that when different doctors order different labs but from the same laboratory service (quest) that they can’t easily be aggregated here in one medical record with my primary care physician. Makes communication that much more difficult. Should interface with the more modern pharmacies at this point to make prescription ordering easier for everyone-express scripts, Duane Reade/Walgreens, Capsule, Pill Pack, etc. There is no direct bug reporting feature in the settings. There should be.

Not good by any standard

Very complicated login. Does not contain any useful information. I would rather call my provider to schedule and request services.

This has limitations

I thought this would be a fantastic app. In some ways it’s great but if you have a doctor in one healthcare system, like Hartford Healthcare, and your hospital and other doctor you visit, like a cardiologist, is in the Yale Hospital system , you cannot access both doctors’ notes. The system allows for only one system and only doctors in that system. Not an all encompassing application. Be careful which healthcare provider with whom you set your account up with. One wrong decision and there is no way to fix it. If there is a solution please let me know. Thank!

Good App Bad Business

I’ve been using the MyChart app now for about a year and I must say that it does well with billing, appointment dates, however the company LSUS Children’s Clinic that I use the app for does not recognize the app nor do they allow you to utilize the options of echeck-in and a few other sub categories. It amazes me that a company would advertise such an app without at least a follow through on ensuring that it works properly. I will continue to use the app only because it tracks my appointments and because of that, I give 3 stars; if it wasn’t for that, I’d definitely not give it a star at all.

No login?

Won’t let me sign in with the app, but will on the website itself. Needs work.

Great app, but…

This has been an extremely helpful app for me, allowing me to communicate back-and-forth with my primary care physician much more efficiently than we ever could before. It also has helped me to keep track of what tests I have had done and what the results were, what my upcoming appointments are scheduled for, and it lets me know whether my primary care physician has received the results from other doctors and tests yet or not as well. However, the messaging app is extremely, excruciatingly difficult to use because messages are limited to only 750 characters! In this day and age where hard drive space and server space are so inexpensive that they are a cheap commodity, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of ridiculous limitation. Every time I need to communicate with my doctor, this forces me to send three emails instead of just one! I am begging you, PLEASE fix this!

App thinks I want to go to docs 50+ miles away

This app is quite ridiculous. I have a friend that uses this app for the same doctor I go to and she has no problem with it. However, in my app, that doctor doesn’t exist. If I want to schedule a doctor appointment, It only gives me options of doctors offices that are nowhere near me. My doctor is just down the street from me. Why can’t I find her in this app but another user can? And there’s nowhere in this app where you can even change that. This is really ridiculous. I can’t even enter my doctor’s info. What a crock this is.


When it works.

Great app. Needs some work though

There used to be an option to log in with touch I.D. & now it doesn’t work anymore. Please fix. This is a great app & very useful. Wish there was a way to turn off flu vaccine reminders. I am not going to get one!

Missing medication reminders / pill box functionality

I work for competitor EHR companies for 16 years and have seen a lot of PHR products. MyChart is by far one of the best & most widely adopted due to Epic popularity, but it is missing a few items. One of the biggest enhancements that would be of value to add is medication reminders / pill box functionality. Put the MAR in the hands of the patient to help drive adherence with their home Meds. And eliminate having to use a 3rd party app just for medication tracking.


First off as a nurse who uses EPIC this far from complete. My specialists are at a university hospital in another state & my primary doctor & hospital where I live use the SAME app but I can ONLY choose one hospital to set the app to. Hence my comment. The other issue I have with this app is the inability to update things like the meds I’m on OR the fact I’ve had certain vaccines or lab work that’s it’s alerting me to do. Had them done but can’t update them. Why? Because they were done at my place of employment & I can’t add another hospital to the app. SO in order to look up information at the other hospital I have go through the internet to log on.... please fix

Needs work

I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it seems as though as time goes by, this app becomes less functional. I am no longer able to send messages to my doctor as I was once able to do and most of the time when I attempt to load scheduled appointments or test results, the app simply fails to retrieve the information. It has the potential to continue to be helpful and time saving, if it only worked as it once did.

Appointment scheduling??

Whatever happened to the convenient appoint scheduling? It seemed to have mysteriously disappeared! As it is, this app needs a major ‘overhaul’ urgently.

Med chart

Absolutely the worst Webb site. One time works next time same site will not accept password.

Doesn’t work

I can login thru website but thru App. Have deleted and installed. My provider is NM Northwestern Hospital.

No Health App Integration

This app is stuck in the early 2000s. It is great that it displays Dr information and test results but it needs to be portable and in sync with the patient. Example would be a patient that tests at home regularly for blood sugar or blood pressure. They should be able to via Apple health app that syncs with devices be able to update that info to the dr via EPIC. The patient should also have the ability to have all results download to the Apple Health app from EPIC. I get the security issues but Apple has made it clear it is in the security game and is one of the best out there. Give patients the power!

Sync with apple health

I would like to see my medical record being able to sync with my activity and my health info on my Apple Watch and phone..

Useless with potential

Having access to one's medical record in an app is an exceptional idea but when the information included in the record is incorrect or missing pertinent data and cannot be corrected by the person whose data it is the app becomes useless. If my personal medical record is mine then it should reflect accurately my health past and present, be correctable by myself if it does not so reflect or, at very least, have a way to submit corrections that need to be made. Unfortunately, if a doctor outside of the group represented by the app provides services there seems to be no way for the user to update their own medical records without making an appointment with a physician in the represented group and then hoping that the change will actually be made correctly and that the correct information will eventually "trickle down".

Terms and conditions

I would use his app but it keeps popping up that I can’t because it can’t upload the terms and conditions so guess I can’t use it for my health app.


The MYMDANDERSON app was so much easier to use! Did not even get a warning it was changing! Now I have to learn how to use this new app all over again. I don’t have time for this crap! The least you could have done is send a warning and instructions on how to use the new app, but no, had to discover it when I needed to know immediately about my husbands appointment!

App changes not good

At one time I could view different doctors from different hospitals but now it will only give me one doctor’s group. Can not figure out how to get my other doctors to come up on the app. Don’t like the change

Does not support multiple care providers

I have different doctors, hospitals, and care providers. There is no ability to store these and easily switch between them. Poor design due to lack of understanding of real world use cares.

This app does not work for me

The sales pitch is great. Problem is: this app does nothing on my device.

Terrible at best

First off it took me 6 months after enrolling for my chart to be able to sign in on the app. Every time I tried I got an error regarding loading terms and conditions. Epic is terrible at best, always failing in one way or another. Thanks for fixing the terms and condition issues but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Worst upgrade ever!

Making/checkin appointments is not available anymore Paying/ checking bills is mot an option Calendars are not available The previous version was so much better.

Questionnaires fail to proceed

When given nearest to fill out before my appointment, it will ask me questions that have nothing to do with my current status our insurances. If I answer correctly, it fails to send me to the next question, he tries to get me to give a different answer. Even though the question has nothing to do with me. It will not accept "no" on questions where it is asking me about insurance that I do not have. Today isn't the first time a questionnaire got hung up on me, either. And it should never even be giving me questionnaires about these things, about insurance that I don't have, and about diseases I have never had. Appointments I cannot make an appointment with my primary Scripps Doctor. Every time I try to do it, it properly processes the demographics, but then when it gets to the next step it says "cannot create an appointment of this type". And when I try to make a request for scheduling, it does not include my primary care physician only an alternate that I have used only once who does not work in the same building. I got this email from Scripps yesterday: "Direct Scheduling from the web or mobile app - You can now schedule many of your appointments with your current providers in family and internal medicine, OBGYN, and pediatrics*. Depending on the type of visit, some appointments can even be made for the same day. The health portal will show you a complete list of available appointments with your physician and their team. Click on "Schedule an appointment" from the home screen or from the "Visits" tab to access this feature." - this is false, I cannot make a direct scheduling request, not when the page comes up blank after the demographics. And Touch-ID is still Broken: I can login with my password or my passcode, but logging in with my touch ID, The spinner just spins around forever and ever. MyScripps. By the way, thanks for deleting my original review. Wasn't impressed with the original MyScripps app, not impressed with this either. This app needs to be a lot more user-friendly, because a lot of other patients are not as forgiving as I am, and I am sure that there are doctors offices right now that are receiving hell from them because of this app that is wholly in adequate in a lot of ways. -can't make appointments with my primary physician -questionnaire is constantly get hung up on questions that have nothing to do with me -test results are incomplete and take weeks to populate -Missing test results.


Sometimes the app unlocks and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s pretty darn annoying. Please fix.

iPad support is horrible!

While the program does what is needed, the poor iPad feature support outweighs everything else. Not only can you not rotate the screen, so you’re forced into portrait mode, but it’s all one huge single field. Sure, the Epic interface will never win design awards, but they could at least TRY to move their design into something from the last 8-10 years. This looks like it was programmed for an android tablet. The web site is better, but only barely.

Bad App Bad Service

The app needs a lot of work, first customer service is AWFUL. For some reason my account is always disabled and calling the help desk for support is a long wait with a very unfriendly customer service rep! I swear it’s only one person in this department because I continue to have issues and always speak with the blah customer service rep!

Not a good app if u have multiple hospital

This app needs to allow u to be able to logged in multiple clinic or hospital accounts in stead of one not very helpful

A Little Complaint

I got a notice that I have a new statement I look and I got a bill for $98.00, but no statement to say what it is for! ? is the problem in the app, or wellstar screwing up. I just don’t pay bills without knowing what they are for!

What happened?

I have had this app for years. And now all the sudden I’m having issues with it. It has been trying to update for 4 days. I finally had to delete it, and reinstall it. Now it says I have the app, have logged in to my different drs offices, but the only way to find the app on my iPad is to search for it, or open it in the App Store. There is no icon on my tablet. What the heck happened with the update? I even tried powering down my tablet for a while and turning it back on. It hasn’t helped.

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