MyChart 앱 리뷰

Only half works for me

This app seems to work fine for what I need it to, mostly. I can see my sons doctors, make appointments, etc. The problem is I can see my own medical records. It’s great that I can have one spot for all of my sons records, but it would be better to be able to mine as well as his.

Default Keyboard Only

Forces use of Apple's, utterly abysmal, default Keyboard for absolutely no reason.

Inprvments required

App needs improvements so that we can have supprr for Apple Pay to pay medical bills and have it interface with the apple HealthKit tools so that info from the app can be record in HealthKit and data in HealthKit can be sent to my doctor automatily making it where there is more diagnostic data avalible to my doctor. Also for email attachments please allow PDF files as there are times where forms for certain programs need to be filled out by my doctor on the pdf form but only allowing images make those forms invalid and unreadable for pregame such as Boy Scout and other programs that need medic clearance. Also if there is a wait list to get a appointment I would like to have a wait list status area to show me what number I am on that list until I get to the top of the list. Also when a apoitment is offered have it where I can accept it or request for a difrent day or time.

App doesn’t work

Access my chart from my computer is no problem. Access from my android no problem. The iPhone app, no access. Sometimes it will sign on sometimes Not. When it does access my chart it will not allow me to view data or messages. Something is wrong with your iPhone app. Please fix

Love and Miss

I love this app I live by it literally. But... since I upgraded to an iPhone I can’t get logged in to my app at all. Not even the webpage. It times me out all the time. I was told it has something to do with safari on the iPhone. I need my app to work ASAP. I can’t access anything now. Help!!!

Ok, but missing a lot of obvious stuff

It’s ok, it provides basic access to info pushed by provider, but no integration with Health app... No charts of anything over time... No billing support.... No way to update anything. Could be cool, but kind of sad right now.

Switching between providers

I have two different hospital systems/doctors and can’t figure out how to switch between them on the app... Beaumont and Henry Ford both use the epic system.

My chart

Sign in problems, can't sign in! Paul n

Rochelle Hunt

Not Good! Huge time waster. Sick of typing correct sign on. Entire account is empty, information probably sent to another account. If my life depended on the information, I’d be dead. Fix the system!!! Why does it continue asking for a nickname? I don’t have one. Again a stupid time waster!!!

My chart review

I do like this app, it is very useful to keep in contact with my daughter & husbands dr’s. I do have to sign in after I check each message or lab result etc, because I get kicked out of the app and I do not know why it does this. If you can provide any feedback I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Read the EULA

Data is not private. Users agree to share! Written in accordance with HIPAA and how the information may be shared.

Good for one provider

I have providers from multiple health care systems and this app should allow me to switch between systems. Seems like a huge miss. Otherwise it helps me stay informed on my health care.

Love this app...

I absolutely love this app for being able to get in touch with my doctor through email and my test results. The one thing I wish it would do, and maybe it does, but I would love to be able to print off my test results. Am I missing something or is this not an option at this time?


This app will not allow you to delete health reminder when you already had Check up. Stupid app I wouldn’t recommend it.

Come on!!!

It’s 2018... add push notifications and a sent messaging outbox.

Easy to use and informative

Love this app. So easy to use and communicate with doctors, see records and bills.

Needs work

Can not allow any way to access more than one chart/provider that uses MyChart. Minimal useable data.

I love the app

I love the app however lately it never work. I get an error message that the system was unable to connect.

Doesn’t open after recent update

The app no longer works after the most recent update. I rely on the app to communicate glucose readings to my doctor, which I am now unable to do.

App or provider error/problem???

I TRIED to open the app to check some test results & I couldn’t get in. I checked my username and password several times. Finally, thinking that I’d messed up on the spelling of my password, I opted to just retrieve it. That didn’t work; my username wasn’t recognized. Then I tried retrieving my username using the email address I signed up with; they had no such record. I had to sign up again, but now all my information from this year (that was there last week when I was in the app) is MISSING (previous & upcoming appointments, recent lab results, etc) . WHAT GIVES????

Bad App Bad Service

The app needs a lot of work, first customer service is AWFUL. For some reason my account is always disabled and calling the help desk for support is a long wait with a very unfriendly customer service rep! I swear it’s only one person in this department because I continue to have issues and always speak with the blah customer service rep!

Is this a joke?

My doctor suggested I sign up for this app so that I could send messages to him. NOTHING works properly. 5/2/18: That comment was from a few years ago. I am now getting angry about being forced to use MyChart by my providers. I keep trying because I’m the “computer guy” for my friends and family. I know of no other software in any field out there that is as poorly done. I will say that the very weirdly formatted msgs to my doctor do now get through, but just try attaching a file to your msg. Each provider sends out emails about “new information in MyChart” and each one has a completely different login. (The same patient logs in at different web addresses with potentially different logins all referred to by the name “MyChart.”) The administration of this app by healthcare providers is a disaster. This app is also potentially dangerous because whatever records it claims to have are guaranteed to be incomplete unless you only have one healthcare provider. The records are compartmentalized but all under the same name “MyChart” so if I get shot #1 of a two-shot series at one place and the second at another provider, neither MyChart login knows about the other. In my opinion, this is worse than no online records at all. It is dangerous. The programming “style” of this app and the administrative decisions about how the medical community uses this app in my area (Seattle) are time-wasting, confusion-causing, and ill-conceived for both my doctors and myself. As one tiny stupid example, today I finally learned the trick to using their “acceptance code”: try using 0000 for the last 4 digits of your ssn. (Many providers in my area don’t use ssn’s - no one should. So, they don’t give that info to MyChart.) No one in central Washington nor at 4 different facilities in Seattle was able to figure that out over the last 14 months. Skagit Valley’s support person was the first to suggest this workaround today. So anyone can sign up for my account with an access code and my birthday! It’ll be really interesting to see how all this works for Medicare patients who are just starting to get new Medicare numbers to comply with the requirement that ssn’s not be used. To say that this app isn’t ready for public use is an understatement. - The implementation of MyChart by my several health provider’s (Swedish Hospital, the Polyclinic and Skagit Health in WA) is poorly thought-out, inconsistent, and frequently irrational, - the compartmentalized nature of MyChart’s record-keeping is dangerous to your health, - the poor programming within the app is frustrating (as a trivial test, see how many clicks to get simple info), and - the quality of support from the institutions on how to make it work is on an institution by institution basis. In case you feel I am a raving loony, just do this experiment: ask the desk person at your next appointment if they use MyChart for themselves. I have yet to find ANY healthcare-associated worker that I come in contact with who does. My hope for you is to keep free of being forced to use MyChart.

Numbers and address

I wish it had numbers for the doctor offices and addresses to them. It would be easy to get in contact with the office to set up appointments and other things. Can this be done?

My chart app

Can’t ever log in, always get invalid entry. Called the business office, paid the fee. What good is an app if you can’t use it? My advice, don’t waste your money!

My new phone #

Dynetta Cadaret 810-280-4483 Thank you!

So many problems

This app provides no actual benefit to patients. You can’t actually see your bills, just an amount that’s due; tracking down post-appointment and medication instructions is far from intuitive; there’s no ability to answer and store health profile questions, so you still have to fill out a profile with every doctor in the system; e-check-in takes about five steps; and you can only send a message to doctors you have seen recently, even if you have seen them before.

My Appointments Didn’t show

I don’t know what wrong but now that I changed my insurance coverage nothing works on MyChart

No data?

I’m a bit confused. I have tried on the app and website with mobile phone and set up my account with the activation code in the email that was sent, etc. but none of my test results, upcoming appointments, Health issues, allergies etc.—everything says that data is not found/no data, except my medications (that I can only see on the website but not the app) is available? Am I doing something wrong? I would love to be able to show my other specialist my last test results, so it’s a bit frustrating. I spoke with my doctor and they gave me the brochure for MyChart and I followed all of the steps, still no results!

Useless app

Migrated from NextGen app where my history is located. Nothing converted so I have an app that doesn’t have my providers (only primary), cannot schedule an appt as no providers available (?!), and no idea if my messages to primary are going anywhere. Also, no medical history. In messages, tells me I need a colonoscopy when I had one a couple years ago (can’t get rid of the messages either). Who would put an app out there that doesn’t convert or migrate your history? It also doesn’t list the providers at my medical group so now I have to call the specific doctor for an appointment or to communicate any issues. Truly a useless app.

Test results

I’d like to be able to see past results in chart form and in digital form as I can on my computer.

Limited usefulness

My Chart is useful in notification of appointment, however is virtually useless in reporting of test results. The user is notified that new test results are available. In the app., when selecting the test no useful information is presented. The user is instructed to go to the web site for details.

Care Team

We should be able to see all of our outgoing/sent messages to our providers

Proxy disclaimer error

I think the idea of this app is fantastic but falls short when it fails to open because the proxy disclaimer has an error and closes due to sharing an account with my child

Needs a lot of work

I’ve had an account for years and never had a problem in trying to access it until I downloaded this app. Now I’m locked out and it’s making me call my health provider. (Sound familiar to anyone else?) So do I really feel like trying to reach someone? NO.


Is there not a way to view “sent” messages. I know I can see what I sent after a reply but I have been looking to see how I can see original sent messages.

Doesn't stay current with my account

This app still keeps notifying that I have a new billing statement and test result I log in and its things that I have known about for a month our better needs updating badly to resolve this

Log in issue

I’m able to use the website but when using the app it will not accept my password and locks me out I have redone this twice :(

Health App

Please add access to the iPhones health app so data can be shared and stored.

App closes down

I first got this app version 6.0.0 and it worked fine. Then I updated to 6.0.1 and it stopped working. If I log in with the wrong or no password it catches that. If I login with the correct password it blows up and turns off I just updated to version 6.0.2 and it still doesn't work.

Only able to see one org at time

So I have multiple hospitals that use Epic app. The app has no means to run multiple copies of app, so you can only show one groups info without having to load and unload app. User interface needs work and means to recognize we might belong to multiple groups with my chart.

Finally improved

Last review I was royally po’d at all the problems. But I’m happy to say things are looking better. My login problems are gone and Touch ID is working normally again. The appointment scheduling section had been a total snafu - but now it looks and acts much more as expected. Unfortunately, the provider controls the options and the Cleveland clinic is not offering the ability to schedule a specialist visit. Kind of sad since my primary issues are cardiac and I typically schedule a cardiologist visit every 6 months, whereas I normally only see my primary doc once annually for my physical. Meanwhile, the messaging and test results continue to be very handy. Hopefully it continues to improve and be even more useful in the future. Thanks to the dev’s for listening and fixing user issues.


It’s nice to be able to log in and see upcoming appointments as well as previous appointments Would prefer test results to be more clear.. giving a patient a number and just leaving it to them to figure out makes people stress


While the long awaited integration of HealthKit is a welcome addition, the app's obtuse interface makes finding it impossible. I can't tell if supposed features of the app are missing, disabled or what (or unsupported by my provider?). The UI needs an overhaul. The app supports notifications, but not badges or sounds. The notifications need to have more information, such as “new message” or some such as the current “there has been an update” message looks more like the app is telling me there is a new version in the App Store. A badge showing me the number of unread items is sorely needed. There is no support for Apple Pay for making my copay and paying other bills. This makes making payments quite frustrating as the current payment interface is quite poor on the iPhone.


This app in comparison to other medical online portals is horrible. I can’t even change my payment method from whatever I used the previous time to pay a statement. I’m even considering changing doctors just to be able to use a more up to date app like Follow My Health.

I love this app but to many bugs

As much as I love this app it keeps closing as soon as I have to send a message or just shuts down completely. I have done all the updates and as soon as that was done here come the problems. I set it up for my parents so that they wouldn’t need to remember passwords and can set up refills, appointments messages from their phones. I hope you guys fix these issues because it was a tremendous help for me and my family

My health chart

Works off and on, once you set it up it works for a while then later on when you try to connect it will not accept your password, has happened to me twice.When it does work it is good.


Don’t depend on it to remind you of all test results or appointments. Record your appointments to your phone calendar as you make them, or discover not all appointments get reminders. My medical provider is very dependent on this app, yet things fall through the net.


I’m a cancer patient and I use this app almost daily to check test results and details about upcoming appointments and communicate with my doctors and nurses. I can review most of my test reports in the app, my list of medications, and some of the doctors’ instructions for me from my visits (this is inconsistent but maybe not all doctors use this feature). I also find the ability to download my appointment details directly to my phone calendar extremely useful. The calendar appointment contains not only the time and title of the appointment but the location as well. As others have mentioned, e-checkin via the app doesn’t work very well. There could also be major improvements with the messaging feature. I have a team of doctors and nurses from different departments working together on my care but I can only message one of them at a time in the app. It would be helpful to be able to send the same message to multiple doctors and nurses at once so they can all see my message as well as each other’s responses. Also, the app allows attachments but I learned that the doctors can’t open or view photo attachments. Photos are so important because it would allow me to show them exactly what’s going on with my body so they can quickly determine whether I have an infection, for example. Since we can’t use photo attachments within the app, I have to send them by email outside the app. Another area for improvement deals with the in app messages telling me that I have a message that can’t be viewed in the app and that I have to log in to the full website. It would be helpful to just have a button within the app that would take me to the web site instead of having to log out of the app, open a browser, go to the EPIC web site, and log in again. All in all, a useful app though.


Good application... when it launches. Half of the time it fails to connect with the server when trying to log in. You get this “Oops” message about the failure to connect. A big problem when you are ready to go to an appointment and want to double check the time and directions.

Can’t log in!

I cannot log into this app on iPhone. Log in works fine on PC. Help!

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