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I’m not able to start a new message and I’ve sent many before. There is nowhere on the screen to start a message.

iPad App 👎

A huge pet peeve of mine is apps that run on iPad but only in portrait (vertical) orientation. So ugly & limiting. Please add horizontal (landscape) orientation support

No access

Unable to access my patient portal for Novant Health & I had no problem accessing it yesterday. It won’t accept my password, fingerprint, or passcode.


Doesn’t allow you to access everything on the UCLA site (letters, for example). A little redundant if I end up having to go to the website anyway…

Great app! But could use a few improvements...

I love the MyChart app. It keeps me up to date with appointments and bills that are due and results and I can contact my primary care physician from it and much more but I’m slightly disappointed in when I look at the billing it only shows what I owe and not what I owe it for. I’d love to see a overview of the bill and what the bills for instead of shelling out cash for a bill and not knowing exactly which visit it was for.


This app is a little clunky in the user experience at times but overall it is an indispensable tool in the medical experience. Being able to connect to your calendars, the reminders, being able to email your provider, refill medications.. the list goes on. I would love to see Apple Health integration in this app and it would immediately be five stars.

Useless for Pacmed

The only thing the App does for patients of Pacmed is test their patience. Let’s try this again for the developers, THERE IS NO OPTION FOR PACMED IN WASHINGTON STATE. This is the chosen method of communication for all medical matters at Pacmed (Test results, appointments, insurance coverage). But this app doesn’t have that option. Please fix. See developers response then come back to read this. There is no option to respond to a response from the app developer so I will add it here as their comments make me look stupid. Actually there is no mention of Pacmed in any drop down menus ANYWHERE! You might want to add that. But if you type in the word Pacmed in the drop down list of all the states then sure enough “Swedish” pops up. I didn't, know or care that Swedish bought Pacmed and the Pacmed BRANDED NAMED. Add a logical link that clearly has the Pacmed name and logo in the drop down list so customers paying thousands of $ each year for so called insurance can start the painfully profit driven arduous process of actually getting medication like every other developed first world country. Sorry for sounding intellectually challenged here, but to get to Pacmed I simply click Swedish...ok got it.

Please add FaceID support


Doesn’t explain how to get records from providers in different systems, ie: Aurora, and Froedtert

I opened a MyChart account with a doctor in one system, Froedtert, and I don’t know how to get my doctors from Aurora into MyChart. It doesn’t explain how to do this anywhere.LCB

Health App Permissions

The app works sufficiently enough to get the job done. Where this app lacks is in an ability to cross-populate other apps. I want to be able to get test results that are on MyChart and have it populate in the Health App. With apple’s push to improve its health app and be a main hub for all your health related information, not allowing permission for these two apps to connect reduces its functionality.

Incorrect information

I have been trying to change information since the beginning. It has my medical history WRONG, plan of care WRONG, advanced directives WRONG, vaccines WRONG, medications WRONG etc. I’ve tried to work with their ?help and support? To no avail. I try to have Presbyterian doctors make changes but they can do this and not that. I hate the fact that doctors treat me with WRONG data!

Reset password

To reset password call providers office , is a Stone Age approach.

Please update app with better functions

I click on bell to see upcoming appointments it shows me next one not all for year and no way to see this view but from desktop I click calendar its for scheduling an appointment not for seeing ALL UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS -Change the verbiage to reflect it’s only for scheduling a new appointment or the icon to say to schedule an appointment /and or add functionality so that I can also view all my upcoming appointments for the year by clicking on calendar When it says add to calendar even though I’m using an iPhone I want to be able to add it to my Google calendar because that’s the one I use is there way you can set up that functionality Also it’s showing me that I have a ticket to schedule an appointment which I already scheduled and that is not removing that reminder your TechTeam put in a ticket to fix this but no one seems to know how to do it Also it would be nice to be able to set your reminder is how you want them via email via text right from this app if you want them in hour before the appointment a day before the appointment or multiple reminders there should be a way to set this up both on this app and in my penn medicine portal and there is not Your portal and the app and the text reminders all need to be integrated

Ehhh... great when you can use it.

Messages expire on current provider care and you have no way to continue a conversation or start a new message to anyone. Dead end app from the patient side. Great for communicating, but messages expire? Come on, Epic.

Very Helpful

I just started using this 1 month ago. I am a voice over user. This is absolutely wonderful. For several years I have been unable to read the after visit summary or any printed out docs and with my chart a lot of it is on there so my phone can read me what is listed. For that feature alone I like it. This app is also very voice over friendly. I do not think there are any unlabeled buttons or anything, which is not common for most apps. Most apps are good, but not great in voice over. So far this app is very impressive.

Great App huge fail!

Quit reminding about bills! Let me pay my bills through MyChart app. Why even bother asking about going paperless when I can’t pay through the app. Whoever wrote this app did not think about the important finishing touches like letting me pay my bills. The whole point of this “NEW” technology and going paperless is being able to take care of business all in one spot. They put a man on the moon using slide rulers. You 👉, developer, have processing power up the wazoo and you can’t figure out simple payment methods??? I really would have to consider long and hard about wanting to have you on my life boat. I would totally rate this 10 stars if i could pay my bills through this app, “BUT NO!, I can’t. So figure it out or stop constantly annoying me with alerts about something you clearly can’t help me with.

Need retries on Touch ID

Please give my finger print at least 5 retries (or many more) before requiring a password. I never do it right the first time. Otherwise a pretty useful app.

Another EPIC Failure

Can not print, save, share with other physicians out of network but it can collect money! Epic Failure as with all epic software, just ask the staff. Wish I could give negative stars on how utterly a waste if time this app is.



No iPad version

I’ve deleted MyChart from my iPad since it is just an enlarged version of the iPhone app, only viewable in portrait mode, and can no longer print test results.


Every app has room for improvements as I don’t believe in a finished product. Fact is the review of this app shouldn’t be based upon whether or not it has some flaws. Voice the flaws without giving one star just because you had to tap future appt three times before it would load. I love this app, and now that I have moved out if state it is no longer applicable.

Loving out does not work

I have used this app to keep track of my FIL’s medical. Now I need to keep track of my own. I press the “logout” button and it does not allow me to log out. Very frustrating.

Allows spam

This app allows Loma Linda to send me spam messages supposedly from my “health care team.” I was so angry when I got junk mail the night before surgery that I couldn’t sleep, which is the opposite of what you need right before surgery. When I saw the message I expected it to be something important coming from the people who actually ARE taking care of me, and I was nervous opening the message. Instead it was a junk mass mailing reminding me to get regular checkups. I already asked them to stop sending that junk the last time they sent one at an equally scary time when I was anxiously awaiting the decision as to whether I would need surgery. In short, this app allows for abuse by non-medical or semi-medical personnel of the easy direct line of communication. I am deleting it and changing medical groups if I get any more disrespectful spam. Addendum 9/14/18: The reply by the developer that it is their client’s problem is typical of the sloppy program design that is the norm for EMRs: blame the user. Where is the “off” option for these messages? That is a program design flaw. A well designed program would allow a patient to opt out of non-essential messages that are not from their health care team without phoning. And, as I mentioned, I DID phone and it didn’t work because they couldn’t figure out how to do it on their end.

A great resource but...

Love the ability to reach my docs without having to navigate through an automated phone system. Truly appreciated having lab results as soon as they are completed and being able compare with the last round. However, I have not been able to log into the app in over a month. I get the error: "Oops! There was a problem communicating with the server. Please try again later." Have tried in several different locations and servers. Have also deleted app and reinstalled.

No test results since June

Why are my test results not being shown? I’ve had several since June, and noting new is showing up. Scripps. Previous review, some of these issues got settled but not all. When given nearest to fill out before my appointment, it will ask me questions that have nothing to do with my current status our insurances. If I answer correctly, it fails to send me to the next question, he tries to get me to give a different answer. Even though the question has nothing to do with me. It will not accept "no" on questions where it is asking me about insurance that I do not have. Today isn't the first time a questionnaire got hung up on me, either. And it should never even be giving me questionnaires about these things, about insurance that I don't have, and about diseases I have never had. Appointments I cannot make an appointment with my primary Scripps Doctor. Every time I try to do it, it properly processes the demographics, but then when it gets to the next step it says "cannot create an appointment of this type". And when I try to make a request for scheduling, it does not include my primary care physician only an alternate that I have used only once who does not work in the same building. I got this email from Scripps yesterday: "Direct Scheduling from the web or mobile app - You can now schedule many of your appointments with your current providers in family and internal medicine, OBGYN, and pediatrics*. Depending on the type of visit, some appointments can even be made for the same day. The health portal will show you a complete list of available appointments with your physician and their team. Click on "Schedule an appointment" from the home screen or from the "Visits" tab to access this feature." - this is false, I cannot make a direct scheduling request, not when the page comes up blank after the demographics. And Touch-ID is still Broken: I can login with my password or my passcode, but logging in with my touch ID, The spinner just spins around forever and ever. MyScripps. By the way, thanks for deleting my original review. Wasn't impressed with the original MyScripps app, not impressed with this either. This app needs to be a lot more user-friendly, because a lot of other patients are not as forgiving as I am, and I am sure that there are doctors offices right now that are receiving hell from them because of this app that is wholly in adequate in a lot of ways. -can't make appointments with my primary physician -questionnaire is constantly get hung up on questions that have nothing to do with me -test results are incomplete and take weeks to populate -Missing test results.

Not a fan....

I was waiting for a confirmation letter from my doctor... kept checking my inbox... decided to go on the website and login and discovered there are more sections available not included on the app... turns out my letter was sent to me a month ago and didn’t go to my inbox but rather a section called LETTERS that doesn’t appear in the app... ugh

Can’t add additional providers app different than shown

I added two hospitals when setting up. I signed into one now I can’t get the other one. My app looks nothing like what the pictures show. Very disappointed. If I wanted separate apps for each hospital I’d use their site.

Lots of Potential...but

Great concept. So much potential, but falls short of being a great app: 1) Please allow users to arrange kids in order of birthdate. 2) Update patient accounts by including older records of past visits 3) Include doctor’s notes of visit/procedures, or at a minimum, the doctor’s “After Visit Summary” 4) Include a function for personal notes for each individual. 5) Include a function to list questions/notes for upcoming visits. 6) Make accessible X-rays, labwork, and other Test results for patients to show/refer to when speaking with their providers. 7) Show infant growth charts... weight, length/height, blood pressure, etc. From regular checkups and physicals. These would make for a much more comprehensive app. Having children who see numerous doctors for various things, it would be so useful to have these items available in one location...especially considering how powerful Epic is.

My chart issues

The Follow My Health app used previously by BJC/Wash U was not perfect either but it was more user friendly. My most pressing problems are #1-not all physicians at BJC/Wash U use this app. therefore: #2-I am not able to add their names to the physician list for reference purposes #3-I am unable to add the medications to the medication list which makes the list incomplete #4- my health summery list is very incomplete since switching to this app- I am 67 and not in the best of health ALL my doctors are affiliated with BJC/ Wash U at this point - I purposely did this so ALL of my care givers could access ALL my health information at the touch of a button. #4- I am unable to add my appointments to this app when the physician not using it can’t add the appointment IF MY DOCTORS AT BJC/WASH U DO NOT USE THIS APP I SHOULD BE ABLE TO ADD INFORMATION TO MY CHART “ACTIVITIES” SO THE DOCTORS & CAREGIVERS THAT DO USE THE APP CAN PROPERLY ACCESS ALL MY HEALTH INFORMATION!!!

From one star to five star

I don’t know if my last rating n review had anything to do with it, but this application did a complete 180° turn and got it together! I tried it, found it to be severely lacking in multiple categories and used my browser instead. Recently I decided to give it another try and wow was I surprised! It makes managing your medical information, appointments and notes both to and from your physicians a snap. Highest recommendation


Can't do without it. The other one's text is extremely small that I have trouble reading it.

Good but..

This app is very helpful, minus the fact that I can’t link both of my MyChart accounts together. I have to log in and log out just to access each one. Should be an option to link them both to make it easier.

Convenient but....

Excellent that it cross matches with my calendar on IPhone. My mother has Alzeimers and many appts. As well. It would be wonderful if I could also keep track of hers with the same app as she is also an Epic client but their is no way I have found to switch accts. In app. Would be helpful for people with children as well.

Useless if told to contact online...

No contact info in app. Nebulous website info. Login that works in app doesn’t work online. Stupid.

Can’t log in anymore

I absolutely love this app! You can see all your test results as soon as they come in, even before the doctor and there is a button to ask questions about your results. You can email all your different providers on this network. All my prescriptions I take are right there so when I go to a different doctor, I just use the app to fill out paper work. All my medical history is also right at my finger tips. I love that I can log in using my Face ID!! When you have health issues, this app you can use to speak to your doctors and nurses through email on the go! It’s brillent. Even if the app is down it’s the same online. I can’t copy and paste on the app , I would only change that , you can’t copy or paste like you can on the internet web site. So when I want to google some strange test results I can’t copy and paste and have to log on to the actual website. It would be a perfect app if you could fix that small item. One last thing, the doctors should have more things to choose from on the email selection than Prescription refill, non emergency, there should be a blank where you can fill in the subject line..

Great app & great developer response

My app was not working and I shared that in my previous review. The developer responded and it was fixed. The app is designed well and it is convenient.

Great informative app

Easy to read, navigate and has everything you need like on their website

Downloaded this app to work with Apple health

There’s no option to sync.


Conflict with my HMO myChart 😩

Multi patient access

I love My Chart and the ability to have all my medical records available to me immediately following my visits. However, I would love to also have my husbands available on , My devices also. Currently there does not seem to be a way to do that. I am only able to access his by going through the web and signing into his chart through the web site. Is there a way to have two My Chart apps on a device, or add a patient to the existing app?

I use NGPG

I use NGPG but I can only get one physician on it. I like but I want all of them. I do have 2 listed but one is invalid. I have used but no instructions on how to get rid and add.

Apparently the “Pay Now” option has been removed :(

Just found out the “Pay bill now” option has been removed from the app but not online. Not happy about that! It was quite convenient. I like the other options however. Bring back the bill pay option in the app please!

No stars

No stars. I can’t get signed in. I don’t receive the Code via text until after it’s already expired.


In today’s high security and privacy health care world, this app still use the dinosaur password login without the option for fingerprint login. I forgot my password and it doesn’t have a recovery feature. Now I have to wait two days and spend an hour on the phone with my health care provider to reset my password to not be locked out. It’s a shame that a big corporation like Ohio Health uses such an inferior product.

Apple Health app

I would like to see my results in my Apple health app, so I can see all in one... is there a way or maybe an update? Thank you.

Pointless when the information doesn’t transfer

I thought, what a great idea being able to fill out the pre-visit paperwork prior to showing up for my wellness visit. Take the time to complete everything and even get confirmation from the app that the information is completed. Show up for my visit, and they don’t have my forms completed. Now I get to complete them again. Where did the forms go? If this has been implemented by the doctors office, they should have all enabled sections working.

Functionality is there in spirit

I hate that it constantly notifies me about a billing statement from 5 months ago that's been paid, in addition to a couple more from a year ago and beyond. And I can't clear the little red bubble that shows me there might be an unpaid balance, which there's not. I also don't like how some doctors aren't available for appointments to be scheduled on the app, but I believe that's a decision of the doctors and not MyChart specifically, so the 3 star rating is for the unending, unclearable notifications that I shouldn't still be receiving.

One request..

This app is fantastic for keeping track of your medical into and looking at result. One of my favorite features is how easy is it to pay a bill, I only wish it would let you save a credit or debit card so you don’t have to enter it every time. If this was fixed, I’d give it 5 stars for sure!

This app is a waste of time!

You get your test results for an imaging scan and all that shows is that you had a test not what the results are. Asked if you want to schedule an appointment but no matter what kind of appointment you try to schedule it tells you it’s not available and you have to call. This app offers nothing but frustration.

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