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App Crashes

App crashes immediately after I select Billing on the Main screen. Everything else appears to function without issue.

Love the website, hate the app

Have tried several times, but have never been able to get the app to work, even once.

Needs updated!!

This app needs to update for iOS 10!! Ever since the update, My Chart crashes whenever I open up the billing section. It just completely shuts the app down!! Please fix!!

This is terrible

Design is fine, but to view test results you have to use a computer or mobile website? Whats the point in this app then? Terrible.

Nice, butt latest version wont let me read sent emails.

Title says it all. I want to read sent emails. Printing emails should be included. Also, should be able to upload common health metrics like blood pressure. OmronWellness blood pressure app can email blood pressure history, and MyChart could easily integrate that into the app.

Doesnt work since added daughter

I cant open or use this app since adding my daughters info. It says I was granted proxy to another user and I hit ok but when it goes to ask acceptance of terms for proxy user it just says it cant load. It takes me back to the loving screen and when I login...same thing. Over and over again.

Better but Want more

The recent update has been great, itd be even better if my health records could be shared with Apple Health kit, so all my data is in one place!


I like the convenience of viewing my chart metrics on my phone, but it would be superb if they had an api and/ or apple health integration. Imagine not having to remember to enter test results... It has good potential but the featuring is so 2010. In its current state, it feels like someone forced the developers to write the app.

Unable to login after setup

Very unstable app. Unable to login to access account.

Overall looks good

But, Id like it better if it synced to the Health app on iPhone 6S, itd probably end up making things easier on the doctors too being able to see everything we enter into the health app thru other apps to better diagnose, as long as its secure

Touch ID Needed!

This app desperately needs Touch ID integration. I dont need to personalize my app, but I do need to be able to access my information quickly. Add Touch ID and Ill change my review stars. This API has been out for years

Nice app but needs work

I like the app for making an appointment and seeing test results. However, each time I log in the app asks me to use Touch ID, which I then set up. Then when I launch the app again its like it is the first time. Please fix Touch ID.

Cant Even Login

First use requires acceptance of terms and conditions of Epic. Error pops up: "Warning! Terms and conditions cannot be loaded at this time." So, since they are not loading, I cant click "Accept" and, therefore, cant login and begin using the app. Who designed this garbage?

Useful and Very Convenient!

This is a useful and very convenient app. I use it as my primary source for communicating with the hospital and doctors and rarely need to call for assistance. I actually get feedback faster and stay on top of my health status from labs, to appointments, to medications. This is the next best thing to slice bread. I like the lasted update which adds paperless billing. I rated the app 5 stars but Im looking forward to the ability to access the app via fingerprint. Please keep up the good work and moving forward by taking advantage of the latest technology. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

Needs improvement

Needs notifications/alerts. Useless if not notified of the important messages received within the app. Unable to find any way to enable notifications.

Almost there

This app FINALLY supports Touch ID, so kudos to listening to your users here! Now, why cant they add all the test results and everything else on HealthKit AND retrieve information from it? I have several health data about my sleep, exercises and some more that my doctor would love to have access to. On our appointment I have to lend my phone to him so he can check how things are going. I know is not trivial to adopt a new technology but give it a try for your patients please!


The full site is much better than the app as you can check messages that youve sent and see whether or not your message has been read by the staff. Seems like a simple, yet critical function to have been left off of the app.

Is perfect but

Wish it would give the option to set up your yearly exams like mammogram,Pap smear,etc under the appointment section?? Would be nice if didnt have to call in apts if you can set it up yourself if you guys could add that feature would be better thanks

App shuts down

When clicking for test results, app crashes???? Why??? Fix this !!!

where is my sent messages ?

cannot see my sent messages until i got a reply message . fix this plz.

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