MyChart App Reviews

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Need to add wallet card

Please add the option to edit and print the wallet card

Cant Login

Tried 2 days in a row and cant login using app. Error message, "WARNING Terms and conditions could not be loaded at this time". Login at web site works OK.

I hardly ever review apps but when I do...

Its because they need to know what users think. This app USE TO BE wonderful! I would rave about it all the time! Scheduling an appt USE TO BE so easy but now its a hot mess! I dont care which Doctor sees my sick child, I just want the first available appt with anyone at the office. Do I really need to verify my address, insurance and contact info every time I schedule an appt? I havent moved or changed a thing in the last 10 years so its highly unlikely anything would change since our last appt two weeks ago! Please, bring back the simplicity of scheduling an appt! Its the only reason I keep this app on my phone.

Horrible app

This is next to useless, needs a serious update. Sending my dr. BP readings is a nightmare, he even suggested mailing them snail mail! Horrible, to say the least!


This app used to be ok and now it is worse than ok. I cant even change any personal profile info.


Have the app on my iPad but cant get the icon to reinstall but better than on phone. Cant get app to redownload since had to delete to fix other issues. Cant access from Safari; sends me to app site with download icon that wont work. Obviously I am not happy.

Good Start

As others have shared, Touch ID and integration with Apple Health (Blood pressure, body temp, bpm, etc) would make this a great app. Hope this is being considered for the next upgrade. Also, updating personal info is not allowed? I don’t see a configuration option.

Cant even get on

Wont even load terms and conditions so I cant get on at all. Just get an error message.

Needs work

I love being able to check my lab results easily. The biggest problem with thus app is that there is no history of sent mail to your providers. Online i can see that a mail was sent. On The app it says it was sent but often the provider doesnt get the mail and there is no way to prove you sent it. There is also no finger print log in to the app.


It would be nice to send chart info to other providers easy as I have been to separate hospitals going to college that utilize mychart

Could make much better use of technology

I love having my test results available from my phone, including all historic records. It would be great if I could save them -- I should be able to export to email/Dropbox/notepad/etc. Additionally, I should be able to export the relevant data straight to the Health app. It is ridiculous that this app does not have password integration yet. I use 1Password. I should be able to access it from the login screen. For past appointments and results I have gotten email notifications when anything was posted online. I didnt hear anything about my recent results until I just logged in, a week after they were posted. So I guess notifications are messed up. Too bad the app is getting worse, not better after all the time theyve had to integrate with Apples continually improved iOS.


Needs sync integration with Health app.

Need iPad version and landscape mode

Need a dedicated iPad version. iPhone version on iPad works but wont rotate to landscape mode. Need to allow rotation to landscape mode when iPad is horizontal.

Could use some polish

The app works fairly well, but it could use some polish in several places. To wit: 1. Touch ID for credentials. The provider I use issues difficult to remember userid and passwords. Using the crypto chip on the iPhone would be a big win. 2. Needs to support AIrPrint. Theres no easy way to produce records for Luddite physicians, or providers that dont use the same system. Most doctors dont believe handwritten results. 3. Needs to produce iCal-format emails or interface directly with the calendar app. Appointments arent much good if its not trivial to find out where and when. All the info is there; provide what you know without having to cut and paste into a calendar entry. This would also be very useful for the watch support. 4. Almost impossible to use on a watch. Lines are broken in odd places, and it doesnt take advantage of the system services available for watch support. Its a nice start, but until America gets a clue about healthcare and gets a single common system for health records, patients are still carrying indecipherable info around from doctor to doctor and repeating the answers to questions to multiple people multiple times. This app gets us some info, but it needs the rough edges fixed.

Used to love this app

What happened to the app? Scheduling an appt went from easy to impossible. And why have the notifications been turned off? Its really inconvenient to have to keep logging onto the app every hour to check for an answer from the Drs office. It would also be really convenient if you joined the 21st century & included fingerprint log in capability as well.

Mychart app

Mychart is just a basic app. I wish it was the same as the one on the web. The web version has more options and features. Why arent they both the same? You log in the same way and to see certain details you have to go to the web page in order to see different things. I also wish you could download your radiology films and scans along with the report bc my primary care doctor likes to put copies of treatment in my chart in case he needs to look back and compare with new imaging.

It needs a lot of work!

App does not retain copy of messages sent to your doctor. Also I do not see any way to send a photo to the doctor. Not good.

This app doesnt know how to app

Every time I try to open a message/do pre-appointment questionnaire, they ask me to use the browser version. The only thing I use it for is the list of upcoming/past appointments.

Cant send messages

This app worked great, now I can not send my doctor any messages.

Needs a lot of polish

The app is a great start. More medical providers should be offering apps like this. But it has some issues... 1) Needs TouchID for signing in rather than having to remember yet another password. 2) Needs push notifications for messages from your Dr, etc. Otherwise you never know when they reply. 3) Needs to add an option to print out test results, messages, etc for our records. 4) Needs an option to save test results, etc as a PDF file to iCloud Drive to save for our records.

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