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Cannot get past first page

I downloaded the app but cannot register. It asks for name & password but nothing I enter works because there was no registration option, just wanting to know who my health provider is. That is Alberta Health Services but my name & health care # do not work. Maybe this is only an app for Americans? June 4/2016 Does no one know how this app works?

Newest Update Display!

The newest update opening page does not display correctly n my iPad 4 Retina. The different links have the bottom of the print cut off. This is probably caused by the app not have the ability to adapt to the slightly larger type in font choices. The app itself works nice, but this can be a problem for some people.

Why remove the online payment capability?

I like this app as its convenient, but you took away the ability to pay the bill via the app with the most recent upgrade? Why did you do this?


I have 4s. Font now too large. Appointment layout horrible. Stick with old. I deleted and went back to an old version much better. Those saying good must be the developers. Go out and hire some quality control people. Give us ability to change font size. The new version displays TERRIBLE. DO NOT UPGRADE!!!!

Rarely works

With the new update I cannot sign in with my password, the one Ive been using for 2 years. Id hope this would be a good update, but the little I saw yesterday of it was just a redo. Lipstick on a pig. Purge these apps and make them work well. Then maybe there would be something to praise.

Great update!

Id give this update 5 stars if the icons on the main page were a bit larger; there seems to be plenty of additional space for this. I had no problems with the update, even Touch ID worked well (if a bit sluggish, but most non-Apple aps using Touch ID are). Other than the slow Touch ID, everything is much zippier, and not buggy as I expected. Well done update!

Works fine, but no health app sync

I really wish it would sync with the health app so we can see how stuff like our blood pressure has changed overtime.


Not happy at all with the new update to the MyChart app I have a iPhone 6 and it cuts off half of the Activity page when I logged in and it will not let me add a photo when I go and hit the personalization but then they need to fix it so that it works better for people that have iPhones The MyChart app used to work great before they went and updated the app they need to fix it ASAP

Why take away good things?

Im really irritated that I cant access my diagnoses within each appointment anymore. That is a huge and important chunk of the appointment summary that I now dont have access to through the app. The entire reason for using the app is because it is easier to access from anywhere. I dont want to have to log in on an internet browser on my phone to get information that the app should be telling me. Its already bad enough that I cant access ER summaries on the app.

Still needs work

Finally a new design for this app but seems like mostly a new skin. Sadly a good UX still hasnt been implemented. As others have mentioned the touted 3D Touch support isnt actually there, though there is finally Touch ID support. For a billion dollar software company this app just feels underwhelming.

Dont upgrade!

This new update is terrible. Its much more arduous to use and the icons are too big for the screen.

You ruined it.

This app was good when I could print out my bloodwork results. Now there is no way to print so I have to take stupid screenshots that show half a page at a time which is going to be confusing to read and show another doctor. You really screwed this up.

Dont waste your time

Since last update will not work for piedmont or Wellstar called there tech support both said will not work on any phone

Awful update

I do not like the update I cant see the information like before and it tells me to go to the website but that is not working either because I cant remember my password. Change it back or update again.


Your new update is terrible. The print is cut off on all the icons within the app. The print size is so enormous, you no longer can read your test results, appointment schedule or any information in a normal sentence. Please go back to previous format, it was so professional looking. Signed: Retired EMT


For some reason, this app does not work in China where I work. I wrote to them at least three times and only takes them three days to respond back with a standard click to "..:" link which I tried millions times and simply does not work. Could this company be more responsive if they claim of offer global solutions, at least not to mislead the health providers. At least let them know this software has limitations and health providers can have a alternative for those travelers.

My chart app

Before the update-good app. After the update-I cant even login. Had to delete it. Bummer bcuz I used it often.

No Health App sync

No sync with Apple Health. Without that, what is the point.

Touch ID

Many apps for banking institutions and insurance companies have this feature implemented. It would be nice for MyChart to have this feature also.

Just convenient to have an app for mychart

Without going into the nitty gritty, I just think its helpful to even have this as a resource. Its not perfect but its nice to try it first before going to the website where the print is small.

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