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Not Good for Ohio Health Patients

Landing page does not permit login. Suggests downloading Ohio Health My Chart App. Link to "app" is faulty; goes into iTunes Music Store (not App Store) where it is reported to user that app is not available in US Market. Link on landing page to continue to OhioHealth for users with older devices is not functional; too low on page. If user (like me) has more than one healthcare system provider, app will advance to next healthcare system provider in list instead of activating login porter for user at Ohio Health. PLEASE HELP!

Should not be forced to download app to see test results

I should not be forced to download an app to status test results one time and then may not use ever again. Im happy with just using the website instead of downloading the app and then deleting it after my one time use.


Great app if you use UFHealth. Gives you everything you need. It does have Touch ID. I dont know why people complain about entering in 4 digits? Wow! we useto enter 7 - 10 digits to call someone. #Lazyass

No longer helpful

Now that they updated I can no longer see all of my information. Needs more work. Please go back to the way it was before you updated!


I love this app after the update. I can schedule appointments, refill my prescriptions, ask any of my doctors or my childrens doctors questions just by messaging them. I have a busy schedule sometimes so I like to see the open appointments they have myself instead of calling in and waiting on the phone. Great job with this one!

Not Very Functional

Firstly-- its like breaking into Langley to access this on both my phone and iPad. (Thanks, HIPAA.) My personal physician/office is very responsive to my questions and I like using it for non-emergencies in order to save time and money. But scheduling an appointment is nearly impossible. For example, there is an option to schedule a physical but its nonfunctional. Instead of producing a message that states "you must call the office to schedule an appointment" (as is the rule at my physicians office) an error message just comes up that basically states there are no available appointments into infinity. Which is pretty terrible programming. Please make a better app. Its so good in theory, yet so unusable.

Not a good app

This app doesnt give you the option to reply when you get a msg from your doctor. You have to send a new msg & its says youll get a response in 2-3 days.

Worked once, now nothing!

Installed app, used it once. Now it says that the Terms of Service can not load. And then NOTHING! Get it fixed and maybe youll get a better rating from this techy...

Does not work

This app does not work at all when I try an signing inn. it just spins and says oops and says something else on it like it cant go through with it . Ive tried several times to do it again and same thing cant login

iPad View

I use my iPad since its easier for me to read. This app needs landscape viewing when opened.

It could be better

What ever we can access on the website we should be able to access in the app. Like a letter was sent on my chart never got it cause it didnt come through the app. And I should be able to link like my fitness pal or Fitbit to track my weight so maybe my doctor could see it. And also diagnosis and such. The website is so much better but I like using apps cause its easy to access. So please bring the website stuff to the app that make things so much easier.


I rarely am able to login. I get a message that says "Oops!! There was a problem communicating with the server. Try again later!" I have a full set of bars for cell service and a really strong Wi-Fi connection most of the time. There should be no reason for a communication problem.

nice app

connects me easily to any of the provider i want which uses mychart


The app is very frustrating. I constantly have to update my password as I keep getting an error message. And this is even when I get the temp password from the tech person. Then I reset my password and all is good until the next log in attempt. Ill just use the website.

very accessible!

I really like this app. Im totally blind and use the voiceover feature on my IPhone to access this app. Its 100 percent accessible to a voiceover user. Cootos to the developer for this and keep up the good work!

Improving Healthcare!

Great app for making healthcare more accessible to the people who need it

Needs a total revamp! Fix this mess.

Im terribly disappointed with the lack of basic capabilities of this app. I have sent emails that were never receive. There is no sent mail boxes to even keep track of your communications. There should be a Draft box! Also the links provided in an email to your test results dont even send you there. You end up having to call the doctor, playing phone tag to get your results. Wasnt this app supposed to help eliminate all the extra steps? Get it together.

Pending Orders?

I would prefer it if there was a place to see if my provider has ordered labs or xrays on me so I dont have to call those departments themselves to find out, I think that would be a big improvement for my health care experience.

I cant log in ☹

I can log in fine not being on the app! This app would have helped so much pls fix!!!

Need SENT Messages Box

I like the ability to communicate with my medical providers, see my test results, and schedule appointments. I currently have to send my BP readings to the team twice a week, but since there is no "Sent Messages" box to record my emails to them, I lose track of when I sent them. Please fix this.

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